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Snaphunt is an AI based recruitment platform. The platform matches candidates to jobs based on a skill and personality fit, so that people find jobs they love and companies hire employees who stay longer.

As a candidate all you need to do is:
- Submit your CV.
- Complete your job preference and work style.

Then sit back as you will be automatically matched to all current and future jobs that are a good skill and culture fit for you.

You do not need to re-apply, you will be notified as soon as your preferred job comes up.

About Snaphunt Pte Ltd

Snaphunt is an AI-enabled recruiting platform that helps employers hire specialist talent for a skill and culture fit, quickly and conveniently.

Snaphunt uses specialist algorithms to understand employers’ requirements and sources and screens talent to provide them with targeted applicants, entirely without any human touch. Snaphunt also does away
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