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About the LEGO Group

About us

The power of play Since 1932, we’ve been passionate about our belief in the importance of imagination and play. Children have been our role models from the start, and we keep them at the heart of everything we do. Putting smiles on faces for generation after generation has made sure that the first brick, we made over 60 years ago, is still as relevant today as it always was. We’re the masters of reinvention and will continue to reimagine and rebuild what it means to play for years to come. Over 17,000 people. One purpose. Every single person in our team is united behind our mission to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. After all, children are the ones who will ultimately shape the future of our world. We’re working to bring the LEGO system of play to children everywhere. And, guided by our mission, we’re also working to build a more sustainable future, improve education, and help visually impaired children communicate with confidence. Help us make a difference Working with us gives you the chance to explore, create, discover and find new ways to bring the power of learning through play to millions of people around the world. If you’re energised by the thought of making a positive impact on the lives of children, colleagues, communities and the planet, you’ll feel at home in our team.

Our Culture

Playning well Together At the LEGO Group we’re proud to have a culture of fairness, trust and mutual respect, where people can always feel free to express themselves. Bringing together the qualities that make each of us unique helps create a special team environment that brings out the best in our people. We care about wellbeing too. We take a refreshing approach to helping our people find a work/life balance that works for them. It’s all part of becoming a place where everyone can give their best and enjoy their work Imagination at all ages Big ideas aren’t just for kids. We encourage you to play in your work – experimenting, thinking creatively, and letting your imagination run wild. We even take one day each year to give all our people around the world the chance to stop what they’re doing and just play. It’s an inspiring day, where we all have fun and remember why we do what we do. Built on values Imagination. Creativity. Fun. Learning. Caring. Quality. You’ll find these six values at play, wherever in the world we are. They guide and shape what we do and how all our people work. And it’s all underpinned by a spirit we’ve stuck to, right from the start – that ‘only the best is good enough’. If your personality is made of similar pieces, you’ll thrive here.

Our Purpose

Making a positive impact Working at the LEGO Group gives you the power to help make the world a better place. Of course, we’re here to have a positive impact on the lives of the children who play with our products. But our purpose goes much deeper than that: we’re equally committed to having a positive influence on our colleagues, our communities and the entire planet. Access to play Play matters. We believe everyone should have access to play, regardless of who they are or where they’re from. This is why we’re always working hard to bring learning through play to children and communities in need. Through this work we hope to inspire more children of today to become the builders of tomorrow. Responsible & renewable We’re playing our part in building a sustainable future by making a positive impact on the planet children will inherit. As a big business, we recognise our responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. Our aim is to make zero environmental impact on the planet and we’re working towards this by balancing 100% of energy used to make LEGO® bricks with energy from renewable sources.

Our Heritage

Meet the family The LEGO Group has been a family-owned business since we were founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen. Active and engaged ownership is very important to the family. They continue to play an influential role in the business – helping to ensure that the beliefs and traditions that created the business will continue to guide us for years to come. Learning through play When children play, they learn, and our very name LEGO® comes from the Danish to play well. At the LEGO Group we feel we have an obligation to make a positive difference to children all over the world by giving them the opportunity to learn through play. Changing the game As a toy company, we take play seriously. We continually challenge ourselves to innovate and bring new dimensions to play. This means we encourage our people to dream bigger, search for new opportunities and explore new ideas. We’ve already built a sports car out of bricks, and created bricks that come to life under a smartphone. Who knows what’s next?

The LEGO® team

Join the LEGO® team Becoming a part of the LEGO Group means taking your place in a wonderful team that’s been growing since 1932. You’ll be surrounded by great people as you build your career at one of the world’s most recognisable, successful and beloved brands. Build your future The LEGO Group gives you a safe space to grow, learn and do your best work. This is a place where you’ll always have the opportunity to share your ideas and make your voice heard. We believe leadership is for everyone. Empowering everyone to take ownership of their work and have their say will help us succeed together. Global opportunity Our products are sold in over 140 countries. Our team of over 17,000 people crosses borders and continents in order to bring the LEGO system of play to children all around the world. A career with us can take you places — when you let your imagination free in a world of global possibilities, who knows where you could end up?

Diversity & Inclusion at the LEGO Group

We’re committed to building a diverse organisation with a unique sense of belonging to reach and inspire every child in the world. We work with a broad definition of diversity, from gender, ethnicity, background and experience to other dimensions such as lifestyle and family responsibilities. Our goal is to increase the representation of all dimensions to reflect the increasingly diverse and global marketplace we operate in. Diversity depends on inclusion. Inclusion starts with creating a safe space and helping everyone be seen, heard, valued and respected. The more inclusive we are, the better we will be at developing and empowering everyone to contribute at their full potential. Build inclusion capability within our organisation Our leadership model emphasises the importance of inclusion. We each play a part in creating a safe space for everyone to be seen, heard, valued and respected. In 2019 we introduced the Leadership Playground, an inclusive model for leadership which begins by creating a safe space for everyone and “energising everybody every day” Balance global and local priorities We work with a Diversity & Inclusion Council which represents employees across our diverse organisation and many locations. The Council drives global priorities and works with local and regional needs to accelerate our progress. The Council members help to stimulate conversation and action in all corners of our organization and used our employees' feedback to address diversity issues. Webinars and podcasts help bring together the many aspects of diversity and inclusion. Engage our employees in diversity and inclusion We want our employees to play an active part in shaping the diversity and inclusion agenda. Task forces, events and communication are essential to building awareness and ownership at all levels. Improve HR processes and tools We strive to develop an organisation where employees with different backgrounds, knowledge, experiences, perspectives and beliefs can all realize their full potential. We invest in everyone and make lifelong learning and career development solutions available to all. In 2019 we launched a new learning platform, improved our succession planning and introduced new tools to make the language in our job adverts gender neutral and our commitment more visible on our online platforms. Inspire all children to learn through play Regardless of race, gender, language or religion, children of all ages love to play, and LEGO commercials should reflect that. That’s why we work to ensure that our creative content reflects society and the children who play with LEGO bricks. Track progress through HR metrics and insights To ensure progress, we set targets for employee motivation and satisfaction which we track through our annual employee engagement survey - the 'LEGO People Pulse'. In the survey, we set specific questions related to belonging, inclusion and psychological safety which we monitor and work with as part of our inclusion index. We believe that building positive team dynamics that make the most of differences and encourages the best contributions from everyone are critical to creating a truly diverse and inclusive workplace. We publish our progress in our Sustainability Report. Visit to find out more about Sustainability including People and reporting

Why Join Us

Working at the LEGO Group is more than just fun: it’s exciting, inspiring, and filled with creativity. It’ll spark your imagination every day, and might just inspire you to explore career directions you’d never considered before. There’s a lot to discover, so start here. An awesome culture Children are our role models, and we look to them as a constant source of inspiration. They’re curious, creative and imaginative. Our purpose and values help create a culture of fairness, trust and mutual respect that we are proud of. Everyone plays their part in leadership here too; it empowers our people and creates a safe space for everyone to live their purpose and succeed together. And we believe that play brings all of this to life.

Our Pay & Benefits

Our purpose and culture make working at the LEGO Group a truly rewarding experience. Our benefits package does too. Depending on the role you have and where in the world you work, you can expect to be offered benefits such as: Family - Our families are important to us. From becoming a new parent where we offer enhanced leave for both parents or caring for a loved one in their time of need we have created paid leave options to support colleagues during those really important times. Discount - We know that our colleagues are fans and love to build with their families so of course, we offer a generous colleague discount. Vacation leave - We offer paid vacation leave, so you can go out and create, explore and get inspired by our world. Insurances - All colleagues in our LEGO® team are covered through our life and disability insurance which provides protection and piece of mind. Community - Every year our colleagues can volunteer in their local community to help children develop skills needed to thrive, and have lots of fun! Health - We have health and wellbeing initiatives to support our people. From mindfulness to on-site gyms… every location has something different to offer. Pay - Wherever we work, we make sure our pay is competitive, fair and equal. Global bonus scheme - We do our best work to succeed together. When goals are reached our colleagues are rewarded through our global bonus scheme. Play Day - When we play, we develop playful skills so once a year LEGO colleagues across the world stop working to have a day dedicated to play. The day itself is designed to surprise and inspire and is filled with lots of powerful play activities.

Working Here

Learning & development Your journey as part of our LEGO team starts with an immersive onboarding experience, where you will be supported by your own ‘Brick Mate’ who will make sure everything is awesome from day 1. From then we believe in providing all our colleagues with the choice to grow in the direction you choose; this could be building technical skills or supporting you in developing yourself as an individual. However you like to learn we’ll then make supporting your continued growth our priority. Working here Driven by your purpose and supported by LEGO Ways of Working you’ll be given the space to to do your best at work. To energize you we’ve created workplaces that will wow and inspire you to be curious, creative and imaginative. They are characterized as fun and inspiring, playful, diverse and they seek to provide a caring home-like feel. Play Day Our Play Day is exactly what it sounds like. One day a year, all our colleagues around the world take the day to simply play. It’s all about building relationships, sparking creativity, exploring the power of play, sharing great moments and, of course, having fun!


Together, we can rebuild the world At the LEGO Group, we’re playing our part in building a sustainable future and creating a better, brighter world for our children to inherit. Find out how we’re joining forces with others to have a lasting impact and inspire the children of today to become the builders of tomorrow. Children We believe every child should have an opportunity to achieve their potential. And learning through play is a powerful way to develop skills that will allow children to tackle challenges that lie ahead. By 2022, we aim to bring learning through play to 8 million children each year. Environment We are committed to protecting the environment and the planet our children will inherit. It’s not enough to just reduce our impact on the environment, we want to go further and have a positive impact – that means phasing out single use plastic in all our boxes by 2025. People We value the people, partners and suppliers who make LEGO® play experiences possible and we work hard to make our workplaces inclusive, safe, and motivating.

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