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Interviews at UNIQLO

Here’s what others thought about the interview process at UNIQLO.

Interview experience

Based on 92 interviews

Interview difficulty

Based on 91 interviews

Interview process length

Based on 81 interviews
About a week

Interview process at UNIQLO

Overall experience

On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is Poor and 10 is Excellent, rating is 6.

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Interview process length
About a week
About a day or two
About two weeks
About a month
More than one month
Most reported steps
On-site interview
Group interview
Phone call/screening
They have no interview
Background check
Least reported steps
Problem solving exercises
Take-home/sample work
Drug test

What candidates say about the interview process at UNIQLO

  • After it will process less a week, inform applicant for signing contract for locals and applying work permit or visa for foreigners
    Shared on August 7, 2018 - Assistant Manager - Jurong East
  • Understanding your point of getting this job and why should the company hire you.
    Shared on October 26, 2017 - Retail Assistant - bedok mall
  • Walk in. You don't have to prepare anything at all. Fill in their application form and they'll arrange for an interview. During the interview they'll ask your prior retail experience and your past wor…
    Shared on October 14, 2017 - Part Time Sales Assistant - Singapore
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Interview questions at UNIQLO

Commonly asked questions, as reported by candidates

  • Why do I want to work at Uniqlo
    Shared on June 22, 2018 - Retail Associate - Orchard Central
  • I am a hardworking person that learn quickly and perform better under pressure, very good team player that motivate others in other to achieve the company's common goals. I also have the drive, intere…
    Shared on July 6, 2017
  • Why do you want to work here?Can you extend your working hours at times?
    Shared on June 4, 2017 - Retail Assistant (Part-Time) - Jurong East

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